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A little over a year ago, Co-Founders, Ricky and Andy, were still discussing the idea of PledgeCents. Ideas were being tossed around…more bad ideas than good ones. Eventually, April came around and all of the ideas and late nights turned into a product and PledgeCents was born. Since April of 2013, when Ricky and Andy introduced PledgeCents at the 2013 NSBA Conference in San Diego, life has been crazy. Our team has been working 24×7 to truly accomplish the only goal PledgeCents has: to provide students with better educational opportunities!

We can go on-and-on about what an awesome year this has been but we will spare you the reading. Here are some highlights:

  • April 2013: BETA is launched
  • May 2013: PledgeCents successfully funded our first cause!!!!
  • August 2013: PledgeCents traveled to Moore, OK to volunteer and present a check and PledgeCents Bracelets to the teachers of Plaza Towers Elementary. Click here to view the video of our trip.
  • Dec 2013: PledgeCents won 1st place at the Inaugural Houston Business Plan Competition (out of 300+ entries). The event was hosted by The City of Houston, The Houston Public Library, and The Houston Office of Business Opportunities. First place = $15,000 check!!!

In between all of those awesome highlights, we have been fortunate enough to be featured in major publications like TechCrunch, US News, and Huffington Post. Since our BETA launch in April, we have hosted 19 causes, raised over $18,000 in fundraising, sold over 2,000 PledgeCents Bracelets, and helped approx. 5,000 students around the country receive a better educational opportunity. We have had causes funded in less than 30min and causes receive double what their original goal was! We are extremely excited for what 2014 will bring and can’t wait to help more teachers and more students!!!

There are A LOT of awesome things going on behind-the-scenes that we can’t tell you about yet, but take our word: we have some cool tricks up our sleeve for 2014! Thank you for being apart of our journey thus far and we hope you will continue to support us and help us grow so that we can provide students around the world with better educational opportunities!

We hope 2014 brings you happiness, love, and good health! HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!

PS – Checkout our Instagram video for 2013, click here.

‘Because Every Cent Counts’


Health + Education = Key to the Future



We are VERY EXCITED to announce our FIRST CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP!!!! Local Houston business, NutriShop Houston, has decided to make a direct impact in classrooms every month! Every month, NutriShop Houston, will invest 1% of monthly sales to various causes on our platform. NutriShop Houston is filled with the most knowledgeable staff that help answer questions, provide the right options, and are always available. They even DELIVER to your doorstep AND carry PledgeCents Bracelets in their store as well!!! The cool thing behind this partnership is that you can go and purchase your protein, supplements, fish oils, etc. knowing that a portion of your total bill is going back to investing in classrooms. Where else can you say that??

This partnership allows both organizations to make a difference for the future of tomorrow. Together we will work on promoting health and education to the youth in the Houston area by hosting different events and bringing new opportunities to Houston-area students.

As a company, we are beginning to look at different corporate partners to partner with, but they must have the same vision and passion behind their company as we do for ours. We believe this is the best way that we can grow and directly impact classrooms, teachers, and students around the world by bringing different channels together for the same purpose. 

We are so excited and honored to have NutriShop Houston on our team and can’t wait for all the AMAZING things we will do together!!! Check out our partnership on our partnership page.

On the Road for Moore Hope


On May 20th, once the initial shock had settled after hearing the news that a tornado had hit Plaza Towers Elementary in Moore, Oklahoma, our only question was, what can PledgeCents do to help. Although we knew little could be done to bring peace to the families who had lost a child, and the survivors whose lives are forever changed, we knew we wanted to help in whatever way we could.

We got together as a team and decided to mark up our red, white and blue PledgeCents bracelets with the proceeds going directly to benefit Plaza Towers Elementary.  After a month of sales, we had raised $1,000+ as well as 150+ bracelets purchased for the students to donate to the relief effort of Plaza Towers Elementary, which we considered a huge success with PledgeCents being less that 2 months old.  Over the next few weeks we reached out to several tornado relief organizations that formed after May 20th to see how else we could directly provide support during our time in Moore.

On August 9th through 11th, we had the opportunity to take a road trip to Moore, Oklahoma and visit the site of Plaza Towers Elementary. It was an indescribable feeling to witness firsthand the devastating destruction of not only the elementary school, but also the over 1,000 homes that were destroyed in the 14 mile path of ruin the tornado had left behind.

We attended the {Hope} Raiser event held on Friday, August 9th and had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with some of the families and students who attended Plaza Towers Elementary. Hope Raiser is an incredible organization that is dedicated to helping individuals and entire communities find hope by bringing people together to share their stories with friends, family and strangers and inspire hope.  We were grateful to hear their stories and amazed by their hopefulness and positivity, after enduring such a catastrophe.  Truly an inspiration to witness!

On Saturday, August 10th, the teachers woke at the crack of dawn to head to the school building they will teach at for the next year, while Plaza Towers is re-built. Our team was ready to help the teachers with the thousands of last minute details that go into preparing for the new school year before the students arrive. We began our day with a meeting with Principal Amy Simpson of Plaza Towers Elementary who introduced us to the rest of the Plaza Towers teaching staff. We spent the day by helping set up classrooms, organizing shelves, decorating walls, and getting to know the teachers who are not only heroes on a daily basis, but risked their own lives for the safety of their students. The stories we heard from teachers recalling memories of May 20th are moments we will never forget!  Thank you for showing up what true hope looks like.

We were truly touched by their stories and thankful they were willing to share them with us. Their ability to overcome shattered spirits with such incredible strength was inspiring to us all. We will always remember our experience visiting Moore, Oklahoma and we are hopeful for speedy recovery of Plaza Towers Elementary as well as the rest of Moore.

The Moore community is still in need of help and funding support. If you would like to make a monetary donation, below are several links for fundraising campaigns currently supporting Moore, OK.

Rising from the Storm fundraiser (supporting Moore Public Schools):

{Hope} Raiser:

Red Cross of Oklahoma:

‘Because Every Cent Counts’